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In fact, research shows that within these metropolitan areas, Asian American incomes still trail that of Whites.Another telling statistic is how much more money a person earns with each additional year of schooling completed, or what sociologists call "returns on education." One of the first in-depth studies that looked at per capita income between Asian Americans and other racial/ethnic groups came from Robert Jiobu and is cited in by Sucheng Chan.D.), median family income, being in the labor force, rate of working in a "high skill" occupation (executive, professional, technical, or upper management), and median Socioeconomic Index (SEI) score that measures occupational prestige.Yes, in these categories, Asians even outperform Whites.It's not unusual for an Asian American family to have four, five, or more members working.

However, this is because in most cases, the typical Asian American family tends to have more members who are working than the typical White family.On the surface, it may sound rather benign and even flattering to be described in those terms.However, we need to take a much closer look at these numbers.Many people go even further and argue that since Asian Americans are doing so well, we no longer experience any discrimination and that Asian Americans no longer need public services such as bilingual education, government documents in multiple languages, and welfare.Further, using the first stereotype of Asian Americans, many just assume that all Asian Americans are successful and that none of us are struggling.

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